What if?

I always have “what if” moments. Constantly wondering how my life would be if I would have never moved to North Carolina from California?

How would my life be?

How would growing up where I was born affect the woman I am now?

How would my mindset be if I would’ve stayed home after high school?

I feel like I wouldn’t even be half of the woman I am now if I would have stayed at home. I often reflect on the girl I used to be versus the woman I am now. It is genuinely amazing to think I’m only 20 years young and I have progressed to exactly where I am imagined myself. There are certain things that I never learned as a young woman that I am barely learning as an adult. Some things I feel my mother never taught me, which doesn’t make her a bad parent, some things were just never taught. What if I would not have moved here? Definitely would have miss out on all of the knowledge, growth, new experiences and many other things. I have so many different “what if ” moments; What if Martin Luther King Jr. was never assassinated? What if my mother had never met my father? What would my life be like if I didn’t meet certain people that have made huge impact on my life? There are so many of those moments. I’m almost positive almost everyone has thought of an alternative reality of your life, where a specific experience did, or did not happen and how it would have affected you dramatically.

This act is called counterfactual thinking; when individuals explain or express what has not happened to them. In essence, thinking about what would’ve or could have been, expanding the possibilities of different events in your life. I, sometimes think, this also gets you thinking about the possibilities of your future rather than your past.

Jaiha D.


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