Good Books

As a writer I’m constantly getting asked what books I recommend reading, which for some reason, seems like one of the most complicated questions ever.

So, I decided to just share a few books I really like and recommend you guys to read. Keep in mind these may be a bit biased because they are my personal favorites.

  1. The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae

     I chose this book first because it is my current read and I am falling in love with the book considering how hilarious it is. Issa’s personality and the accuracy of certain situations is really what makes me enjoy reading it. Issa Rae is just super relatable because I never knew I was an awkward black girl until I started watching her web series and later read this book. I realized Issa and I had similar experiences then I quickly got the picture.

 issa rae

2. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kuar 

Milk and Honey received all of the hype it deserved because it was so inspiring for poets and favorable for most millennials. Literally one of my favorite poets ever- Rupi Kuar is where a lot of my inspiration comes from especially with Milk & Honey because of how free she is with her poetry. The book is short and written in four parts, but each chapter is a representation of a different section in her life and that may be applicable to you. I love it. If you’re a hopeless romantic like myself then this poetry book will be perfect for you.

milk and honey

3. Rest in Mourning by R.H Sin

I just had to add another poetry/self-care book. Rest in Mourning is normally described as “The calm before and after the storm”. The author of this amazing book covers so many different topics from self love, energy, and why we give our all to those who are undeserving. This is one of those books that helps you learn to love yourself through reading poetry.

 rest in mourninggggg

4. The Law of Attraction in Action by Deanna Davis 

I randomly found this gem at The Last Book Store in LA last year when I visited home. The Law of Attraction in Action  is such a self empowering book because you’re essentially learning how to take all of your energy and put it towards the things you want in your life that is called the Law of Attraction (LOA). In this book you will be given  some realistic ideas and Concepts to implement the Law of Attraction into your daily life. Once I read this book I became more aware of my thoughts; what I invested my time in, how to overcome negative feelings, and things like that. This book is seriously amazing.

the law of attraction


My goal from this post is to put all of my friends and associates on to some different books that are outside of their element and will potentially help daily life skills and personal growth.

Tell me what YOUR favorite book is?


Jaiha Dene’

Writer & Poet



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